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VKP Production List 

Living On Islands  Explores concept of sustainabililty through lens of Hawaiian cultural values and practices and their relevance to contemporary growth and development. Features community-based sustainability projects ranging from species preservation to economic self-sufficiency. (VKP:1997; 48:00)

Back To The Roots  Historical, spiritual, cultural, mythological connections of Hawaiians to the taro plant, the staple food of Hawaiian culture. Interviews taro growers on all major islands. Examines water and land use issues affecting the future of taro in Hawaii. (VKP:1994; 56:40) Regional PBS broadcast.

Island to Island: Preserving Hawai’i’s Heritage Two 20-min. programs.  Preservation of ancient and historic sites on islands of Maui, Moloka’i, and Lana’i. (VKP: 1992)

Kahuku: Survival of a Plantation Town   A small North Shore former plantation community struggles to survive and grow after closure of sugar mill. (VKP: 1988: 15:00)

Hawaiian Soul  Vignettes of the lives of 12 very different contemporary Hawaiians. Explores the question “what does it mean to be Hawaiian in Hawai’i today?” and other questions of native cultural identity. (VKP: 47:00: 1987)

Na Wai Wai Hawai’I   Hawaiian cultural and spiritual values, presented through poetry, song, and story.  Features poets Joe Balaz, Imaikalani Kalahele, Puanani Burgess, and Diane Kahanu. Two 20-min. programs. (VKP 1986)

Hawaiian Survival and the Sea  Features Uncle Les Kuloloio and his mother, Auntie Alice, as they explore the shoreline and reef life of Maui. In Hawaiian and English. Delightful explanations and demonstrations of how to harvest, prepare, and eat pipihi, opihi, wana, limu, and other reef plants and fish. (VKP:1983; 28:00)

Last Train From Washington: The State of the Arts  Documents work of U.S. regional artists and cultural workers who make community-based art with roots in regional culture and history. Examines effects of national arts policies. Filmed in 12 locations across US and Hawai’i. Local artist Tremaine Tamayose featured.(WV: 1983; 58:00)

The Sand Island Story  Documents 4-month period (Sept 1979-Jan 1980) in which residents of Sand Island “squatter” community attempted to resist eviction from Honolulu shoreline by State of Hawai’i. Ends with evictions, arrests, and destruction of community. (WV; 28:00; 1981) National PBS broadcast.

Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai: The Plants of the Sea  Features the limu (seaweed) preservation work of KEY Project in Kahalu’u, with teacher Jerry Kaluhiwa and students of the Limu Project. (VKP: 1980: 28:00)

Strangers in Paradise   Examines effects of rapid economic and population growth and development on culture and lifestyle of Hawai’i. Features community activists, local residents, immigrants, new arrivals, tourists. Filmed on O’ahu, Maui, Moloka’i. (1979: WV; 58:00)

Hawai’i’s Water Resources   Historical and contemporary overview of Hawaii’s water resources and water use issues, including agricultural and urban competition. ( 1978; WV; 58:00)

Two Green Valleys  Documents successful community and statewide efforts to protest and resist eviction of farmers from the agricultural communities of Wai’ahole and Waikane Valleys on Windward O’ahu. (WV 1976: 45:00)



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